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Below are some testimonials from residents and family members that have made The Village Senior Residence their home. We invite you to come and visit our community and talk firsthand with current residents and to take a tour!

I write to commend the excellent assistance provided by Mr. Peter. My wife, Joy, and I first met Peter when we were preparing the new apartment for my mother, Hazel Cook. Peter made himself available to us for any assistance we needed. This included contacting an electrician to replace the ceiling light in the bedroom with a fan/light. He also gave us his key to hold open the elevator doors when we moved in the furniture and boxes of Mom’s treasured mementoes.

Peter was very responsive to our needs during the ensuing days as we prepared the apartment for the forthcoming move. I had only to mention to him I needed a cabinet hinge repaired or another item taken care of and he responded immediately and cheerfully. He continued to provide assistance after Mom became a resident in VSR as we struggled to active television and telephone service.

I feel confident Peter will continue to watch over Mom and ensure her needs are met in my absence.



Family Member of Resident

To Whom it May Concern,

I noticed these classes in the paper and have been attending whenever I can. They are truly helpful for me in my life. They give me something to look forward to as well as getting out of the house to learn something new and meet some new people. The phone class was great, electronics and computers are really hard for me. Health classes are good to inspire us to pay attention to our diet and exercise. The camera classes and bird lecture were both wonderful. The “Lose the Clutter” class and the estate planning class were excellent as well.

I hope more cooking classes will be offered because it’s nice to taste something different and watching the cooking process is relaxing and enjoyable. Some people attending these are single; we are a couple but have zero relatives anywhere near for any holiday meals so it is a treat to share a meal and meet others our age. I don’t mind paying for the classes to offset expenses. I hope you will continue to offer more easy cooking classes with few ingredients. Don’s Italian dish was perfect in every way. It was true comfort food! Thank you for the wide variety of classes offered and we really appreciate the sandwiches and all of Cyndi’s efforts to make each of them a good class.



We have all been exceptionally happy with my mother's stay at The Village and it is only because of her desire to return to her home in Nebraska for the summer that we are making this decision. As you know, J and I will also be moving this May to Boulder, Colorado where once settled, we are hopeful that my mother will join us there. I only hope that I will be able to find a residence for her there that can match the quality of care and compassion that you and your staff have provided in the time she has lived at The Village. You have set the bar quite high and as her only child it has been a great relief for me to know that she has truly enjoyed her apartment and time with the other residents and staff.


Family Member of Resident